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Sugar’s Ribs, The Place To Take Out-Of-Towners

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Is Sugar's Ribs on Your Bucket List?

Is Sugar's Ribs on your bucket list? We're on Made in Tennessee's "6 Made in Tennessee Bucket List Barbecue Spots" why not put it on yours?

Date Night Dining: Sugar's Ribs

This week, celebrated five years of existence with a staff lunch at Sugar's Ribs at 2450 15th Ave. (AKA, that place off the interstate on the hill). Good food, a great view and time spent outside of work with my co-workers and friends made for a special afternoon.

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Men’s Journal Names Sugar’s One Of The 18 Best Barbecue Spots In America

Men’s Journal has named Sugar’s as one of the best 18 barbecue restaurants in the nation.

The article, "A Road Trip to the 18 Best Barbecue Spots in America," encourages families and friends to hit the road and find “the best, most unique, and most authentically American barbecue eateries in the country.”

Sugar’s, locally owned by Lawton and Karen Haygood, has two locations in the Chattanooga area. The Haygoods also own and operate the Boathouse Rotisserie and Raw Bar on Riverside Drive. Karen Haygood said they had no advance notice about the article, but said “it’s a testament to our staff” to be included in the piece.

The author of the Men’s Journal article says this about Sugar’s: “This is a place for BBQ purists, and everything they have is delicious, from their perfectly smoked meats, to their fresh sides, to Jesslyn’s world-famous banana pudding.”

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Motorcycle Magazine

Hanging off the side of Missionary Ridge overlooking Chattanooga, is a new restaurant destine to become a regular biker pit stop. There’s good barbecue, better barbecue, and then there’s damned good barbecue. That’s what they serve up at Sugar’s Ribs Big Time B.B.Q.

If you’re passing through Choo-Choo City (or live here) do your best to plan a lunch or dinner break on Sugar’s deck overlooking the city. If you’re like me, you too will have trouble deciding what to choose from their menu. This is ‘Southern’ barbecue at its best. From spare ribs, ‘Baaa-ad to the Bone’ lamb ribs, whole chickens, chopped pork, sandwiches or by the pound, then top it off with mouth watering sides, these folks have done their homework. The owners Karen and Chuck Haygood visited over one thousand B.B.Q. restaurants and came away with how to and how not to do B.B.Q.
Chuck says, “Start with better meat, get better B.B.Q.”

I do believe Chuck is on to something here. Along with great meat and sides that includes Mo’ Rockin Stew, spicy or mayo slaw, grilled sweet vadalia onions, five styles of sauce’s serve to compliment very good cooking.

Sugar Ribs Celebrates Grand Opening

Sugar’s Ribs, located at 2450 15th Street on the side of Missionary Ridge, will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony on Oct. 8 at 2 p.m.

Called the restaurant for “the purist barbecue fan,” Sugar’s Ribs serves freshly cooked barbecue, grilled onions, mo' rockin' stew, grilled cornbread sticks and a variety of sauces.

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In Tennessee, Goats Eat the ‘Vine That Ate the South’

Summer is settling onto Missionary Ridge overlooking this southeast Tennessee city. Swallows glide on the warm breeze rustling the hackberry trees, kudzu vines sprout along the hillside and the goats are back at work.

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