"It will taste like your Ribs just came out of your smoker"

If picking up and eating your ribs right away isn't practical, order your ribs “unfinished" and finish them at home in your oven.

This way your ribs are hot and crunchy just like dining at Sugars. Our staff will give you a copy of instructions for “Ribs@Home". It's a snap. Great every time! I pack them in my cooler and take to my out of town family and friends, then finish in the oven with the classic sauce. It's always a hit!


  1. Order your Ribs- “unfinished"
  2. Whole slabs only, ribs will be smoked, chilled and uncut
  3. Unfinished ribs come with basting sauce
  4. Per slab -8 oz of basting sauce (sugars classic sauce)
  5. Keep refrigerated until you are ready to heat up your smoked ribs.
  6. Unwrap ribs and place on a foil lined broiler pan, bone side up
  7. Brush on a good coating of Sugars classic sauce
  8. Place under the broiler on the highest rack in your oven
  9. Broil until the ribs blacken
  10. Pull out of oven, flip the ribs over and brush on a coat of classic sauce
  11. Broil until the ribs blacken
  12. Remove from the oven
  13. Use tongs to transfer ribs to a cutting board
  14. Place ribs meat side up & cut between bones meat side up prevents meat from getting smashed)
  15. Serve a mixture of large and small ribs for equal lean distribution
  16. Eat immediately!!
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